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Bad Beat Jackpot

Runner runner. Suckout. Donkey. The bad beat...we’ve all taken one! At poker you’ll wish it happened to you more often. We want to turn your worst bad beat could turn into your biggest pot ever won. Introducing the better Bad Beat Jackpot!

Here’s why it’s is better:

  1. We put up all the cash
    Unlike other sites that take additional rake to feed the Bad Beat jackpot we don’t take any! Every dollar in the jackpot was funded by us.
  2. Easier to hit
    We’ve lowered our bad beat requirements. Now if you lose holding a full house or higher you’ll trigger the jackpot.
  3. It’s everywhere!
    You don’t have to be playing on a special bad beat table. Our bad beat jackpot applies to almost all of our real money Texas Holdem tables. Whenever you see the Bad Beat Jackpot prize counter in the upper left hand corner of the table showing a cash balance the Bad Beat Jackpot is running!

When it hits every active player at the table will immediately receive a portion of the prize money. The player holding the losing hand will receive the biggest percentage. Here’s how the Bad Beat Jackpot will be paid out:

38% to the player with the losing hand
20.5% to the player with the winning hand
20.5% distributed to all other players dealt in the hand
21% to reseeding the jackpot

Bad Beat Jackpot requirements:

  • The losing hand must be at least a Four of a Kind (22223).
  • All non-Heads Up real-money Texas Holdem tables will be eligible.
  • At least three players must be dealt in at the start of the hand.
  • Two or more players must be active at the end of the hand, and it must go to showdown.
  • Both the winner of the hand and the qualifying bad beat hand must use both hole cards
  • Split pots do not qualify as a Bad Beat.
  • We do not tolerate collusion. All players must act independently and not reveal their hands to other players, nor tell them how to act. Failure to adhere to this requirement will result in automatic disqualification from the Bad Beat Jackpot.
  • Players sitting out at the Bad Beat Jackpot tables are not eligible for the Bad Beat Jackpot.
  • Should two qualifying jackpot hands hit at precisely the same time, the jackpot will be awarded to the hand that began first according to our server time. The second of the qualifying bad beat hands would be eligible for the reseeded Bad Beat Jackpot.
  • If there are two or more hands that qualify for the jackpot within one hand, then the two highest hands will be considered for the jackpot, with the highest hand being the winning hand and the second highest hand winning the bad beat.
  • For our complete house rules, please see House Rules

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