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Utah Jazz 2014 Draft Report Card 6/27 4:26PM
(Best E - The Utah Jazz never got a chance at their prize, Jabari Parker, but they did walk out of the draft with a potential star and a potential steal. Exum was never supposed to slip to fifth, so when he did, the Jazz were poised to pounce. They can pair him with i...
Memphis Grizzlies 2014 Draft Report Card 6/27 3:50PM
(Best E - This draft didn't light my world on fire. Adams is a good scorer, but a borderline-terrible athlete. Granted, if you put the ball in the bucket, you don't need to be a triathlete, but Adams will have trouble keeping up with two guards in this league. Stokes may be a ...
Chicago Bulls 2014 Draft Report Card 6/27 3:42PM
(Best E - The Chicago Bulls are poised for a big offseason, and they started that process emphatically by trading for Creighton offensive machine, Doug McDermott. The Bulls packaged the 16th and 19th picks for McDermott. He is the most offensively polished player...
Miami Heat 2014 Draft Report Card 6/27 3:34PM
(Best E - LeBron James wanted Shabazz Napier. Consequently, the Miami Heat went out and traded for Shabazz Napier. It can't be a coincidence that the man James tweeted about, the leader of the national champion UConn Huskies, will be in a Heat uniform next season. Napier can ...
Charlotte Hornets 2014 Draft Report Card 6/27 3:26PM
(Best E - Michael Jordan had a good draft night. It was probably his best since his own selection back in 1984. After several massive duds under his watch (Kwame Brown/Adam Morrison), Jordan received some great fortune on Thursday. Indiana's Vonleh slid all the way to ninth ...
Milwaukee Bucks 2014 Draft Report Card 6/27 3:18PM
(Best E - The Milwaukee Bucks reminded me of a wealthy man sitting with his feet up, smoking a cigar, sipping scotch and laughing about his riches. The Bucks were content to wait out the Cleveland Cavaliers at No. 1, but Milwaukee wanted Parker. Parker wanted to go ...
Brooklyn Nets 2014 Draft Report Card 6/27 3:10PM
(Best E - The Brooklyn Nets went into Thursday's draft with no picks. They left with three second-rounders who have an outside chance of being rotation players. Brown had a good career at Oklahoma State, but may have trouble with the size of NBA two guards. Thames i...
Boston Celtics 2014 Draft Report Card 6/27 3:02PM
(Best E - The Boston Celtics built themselves a new backcourt on Thursday. Don't they have an All-Star at one of those spots already? The C's tabbed Marcus Smart sixth, which is about where he should've gone talent-wise. What made this interesting is, Boston has Rajon R...
Minnesota Timberwolves 2014 Draft Report Card 6/27 2:54PM
(Best E - LaVine's intro to the Minnesota Timberwolves wasn't the warming moment Flip Saunders probably wanted. Caught on camera uttering a profanity after his name was announced, LaVine backtracked and admitted it wasn't wise, but it wasn't said out of displeasure in going...
Atlanta Hawks 2014 Draft Report Card 6/27 2:38PM
(Best E - The Atlanta Hawks got one of the most NBA-ready players in the draft in Adreian Payne, whose only crime is that he's 23. Most front- office brass don't want to attach themselves to someone that old. That's the reason the Michigan State product went 15 instead of mu...
Report: Grizzlies, Randolph agree to extension 6/27 2:21PM
Memphis, TN (Best E - The Memphis Grizzlies have reportedly re- signed forward Zach Randolph to a two-year extension. According to The Commercial Appeal, citing Randolph's agent, the club picked up the $16.5 million option for the 2014-15 season and agreed to a two-year ...
NBA Draft Update 6/27 2:13AM
(The Best E Casino) - The San Antonio Spurs with the 30th and final pick in the first round of the 2014 NBA Draft, select forward Kyle Anderson out of UCLA. Round One: 1. Cleveland Cavaliers - Andrew Wiggins (G, Kansas); 2. Milwaukee Bucks - Jabari Parker (F, Duke); 3. Philadelphia 76er...
NBA Draft: Pick-by-Pick Analysis 6/27 2:04AM
New York, NY (Best E - As selections are made, we'll provide pick- by-pick analysis for the entire first round of the NBA draft as it plays out Thursday night in New York. 1. Cleveland Cavaliers - Andrew Wiggins (SF, Kansas) The Cavaliers did a great job Thursday night of keep...
Bulls get McDermott in trade with Nuggets 6/27 1:48AM
Brooklyn, NY (Best E - The Chicago Bulls acquired the draft rights to Creighton star Doug McDermott on Thursday night in a trade with the Denver Nuggets. The Nuggets drafted McDermott No. 11 overall and dealt him to the Bulls along with Anthony Randolph in exchange for the ...
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