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Buffalo 9/04 6:48PM
Added RHP Fausto Carmona to the roster. ...
Indianapolis 9/04 6:48PM
Added P John Novinsky and P Glenn Woolard to the roster. ...
Pawtucket 9/04 6:48PM
Added C Jim Buckley to the roster. ...
Charlotte 9/01 6:12PM
Added RHP Rob Purvis to the roster. ...
Louisville 9/01 6:12PM
OF Brandon Larson was Promoted to Cincinnati. ...
Norfolk 9/01 6:12PM
1B Craig Brazell, RHP Tyler Yates and RHP Matt Ginter called up by the New York Mets. Added RHP Mike Meyers, RHP Joey Cole and RHP David Byard to the roster. OF Prentice Redman has been added to the roster. ...
Richmond 9/01 6:12PM
Added RHP Kyle Davies, IF Napoleon Calzado, and IF Juan Velazquez to the roster. ...
Scranton 9/01 6:12PM
WB - Added C John Castellano to the roster. 1B Ryan Howard and AJ Hinch were promoted to Philadelphia. ...
Toledo 9/01 6:12PM
Traded C Mike DiFelice to Chicago Cubs. ...
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