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San Francisco 49ers 7/29 6:42PM
Signed running back Alfonso Smith; waived guard Fouimalo Fonoti. ...
Saskatchewan Roughriders (CFL) 7/29 6:42PM
Signed wide receiver Korey Williams and defensive lineman Chancey Aghayere to the practice squad. ...
Seattle Seahawks 7/29 6:42PM
Signed cornerback Terrell Thomas, offensive tackle Eric Winston and wide receiver Randall Carroll; waived cornerback Chandler Fenner and guard Bronson Irwin; placed wide receiver Taylor Price on the reserve/injured list. ...
Canadian Football League 7/29 5:38PM
Fined Hamilton Tiger-Cats linebacker Marcellus Bowman and Edmonton Eskimos tackle Tony Washington. ...
Houston Texans 7/29 5:38PM
Signed running back Tim Cornett and tackle Mike Farrell; released linebacker Ricky Sapp. ...
Miami Dolphins 7/29 5:38PM
Signed tight end Brett Brackett, quarterback Seth Lobato and defensive end D'Aundre Reed; waived quarterback Brock Jensen, linebacker Derrell Johnson and guard Davonte Wallace. ...
Pittsburgh Steelers 7/29 5:38PM
Signed running back Josh Harris. ...
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